The Children’s Palliative Care Project with Heard

Heard (formerly On Road Media) is a communications charity that works ‘to inspire content and communication that changes hearts and minds’.

The charity believes that good communication can shift perspectives and move conversations - and society - forward. 

Heard connects media professionals with people who’ve directly experienced different issues; supports people to get the most out of media engagements; and uses insights from research to help those telling their stories ensure that their message lands and engages audiences.

 The Heard ‘How to talk about Children’s Palliative Care’ logo

We have been working with Heard since 2020. Work began with market research by Truth which looked at existing public perceptions of children’s palliative care and explored narratives that could promote a better understanding.

This led to the development of a practical Communications Toolkit which provides guidance on how to talk about children’s palliative care, using learning from the research and best practice approaches to changing perceptions.

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