How We Work

True Colours aims to be a flexible and responsive funder. Our approach recognises the importance of:

Long-term commitments

We know that change takes time, particularly if it involves changes to systems and to established ways of working and thinking. We understand that sometimes projects take longer than expected and that there is often a need for flexible, long-term funding to make change possible.

Listening to those with lived experience

Since True Colours was founded, we have always listened to those from the sectors in which we work, and designed programmes in collaboration with those we fund. Increasingly, we are now working directly with families, and those with lived experience, to ensure our funding is informed by their experiences.

Partnerships, feedback and real collaboration

Partnerships are key to all our work. We are incredibly grateful to all those who share their knowledge, experience and expertise with us, helping us to learn more about the sectors in which we work and the collective needs. We also really appreciate feedback and seek to use it to improve our ways of working.

We believe in transparency in grant-making and publish information on all our grants on 360 Giving.

A young child in a beech wheelchair entering the sea with two instructors and a volunteer Children taking part in gardening activities