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The African Palliative Care Association (APCA) is a pan-African membership organisation based in Kampala, Uganda. APCA was formally founded in 2004 and its office established in 2005, following a number of meetings between palliative care stakeholders from across the continent. True Colours has supported the work of APCA regularly since 2005 and is currently providing funds for the Association’s core costs.

As a network organisation, APCA does not provide direct clinical care to patients but plays a facilitative role to build sustainable systems at local, district, national and regional levels. It works with Ministries of Health, national associations, hospitals, hospices, community organisations, individual health workers, allied educational institutions and research bodies.

Increasing knowledge and awareness of palliative care among all stakeholders.

APCA provides financial and technical support for palliative care awareness and delivers sensitisation meetings for policy makers, teaching institutions and health facilities as well as other service providers.

Supporting the improvement of health systems in Africa through the integration of palliative and comprehensive chronic care at all levels.

APCA provides leadership, technical and financial support as well as coordination for palliative care integration into health policies, education programmes and health services in Africa.

Building an evidence base for palliative and comprehensive chronic care in Africa.

APCA partners with numerous partners to undertake research into palliative care in Africa and regularly publishes articles and newsletters.

Further information on APCA can be found here.

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