Small Grants UK Application Form – Covid-19 support


Owing to the unprecedented challenges facing charitable organisations due to the Covid-19 pandemic, Trustees have adapted their small grants scheme for the next round which they will consider in October. This unique grant round is designed to help organisations to adapt their services to the new situation and to continue or resume supporting families safely. Please refer to our new guidelines before completing this form. The deadline for applications is 5pm on 21st September.

Please note the application must be completed in one sitting as the form does not have a save function.
Please use this form for UK applications only. More information on our Africa Small Grants Programme including how to apply can be found here.

Contact Information

Name of Organisation

Organisation Address


Main Contact for the Project




Your Email

About your Organisation

Registered Charity Number

Charity Website Address

Number of Employees

Please describe your organisation - what does it do and why? (250 Words)

Income 2019/20

Expenditure 2019/20

How many months’ running costs does your organisation generally hold in reserves? Has your organisation chosen to use any of its reserves as a result of Covid-19? How many months’ running costs do you currently hold in reserves?

Has your organisation made use of the government’s furlough scheme or received any other government assistance or funding during Covid-19? Please provide details.

Has your organisation experienced a loss of income or increase in costs due to Covid-19? Please provide details.

Purpose of Funding

For this unique round, True Colours is providing grants of up to £5,000 to support organisations adapting or reopening their services in light of Covid-19.

Sum requested (up to £5,000)

Please outline how you would use this funding, should you be successful. (250 Words)
(Because of the fast-changing situation in the UK due to the Covid-19 pandemic, we are not currently requesting precise, costed budgets, but instead request an indication of how you would use funds if you are successful. Should you be successful, you will be asked to provide a detailed report on expenditure).

Who are your service users? How many people do you expect to reach? Can you tell us more about the area you work in? (250 Words)


DBS checks: Please confirm that DBS checks have been conducted on staff and volunteers.

Please confirm that you have suitable safeguarding policies in place, covering children and vulnerable people, and any other relevant safeguarding issues. This should include reasonable steps you are taking to support staff, volunteers, and the public in relation to Covid-19. We expect these are reviewed and updated regularly by your organisation. We may request to see these policies at any time. 


Please confirm that you agree to adhere to the Trust’s safeguarding policy, further information on this policy can be found on the Trust’s website.