Palliative Care Conference banner, courtesy of APCA

African Palliative Care Association

The African Palliative Care Association (APCA)’s mission is to ensure palliative care is widely understood, integrated into health systems at all levels and underpinned by evidence in order to reduce pain and suffering across Africa.

APCA was established in 2004 with the aim of promoting and developing affordable and culturally appropriate palliative care throughout Africa. APCA does not provide clinical services but supports local and national service providers to introduce or scale-up palliative care across the continent. APCA also advocates for African governments to incorporate palliative care into national health strategies; promotes the availability of palliative care drugs; encourages the establishment of palliative care associations; promotes palliative care education and training; and develops and promotes quality standards for palliative care services and training.

True Colours has worked alongside APCA since the very beginning. Our grants have allowed APCA to run regional workshops on opioid availability; to design resources on appropriate pain relief; to work with national palliative care associations; to map palliative care services; to run conferences and to facilitate national strategies. True Colours is currently supporting APCA’s core costs.

The difference palliative care can make to an individual’s life is remarkable. This film, produced by APCA with support from True Colours, shows the difference that the provision of palliative care can make to a person’s life.

More information about APCA can be found here.