'What's unique about you?' brainstorming exercise with siblings - Photo used with permission from Joshua Knowles and Sibs

Boys smiling


Sibs is the UK’s leading charity supporting siblings of disabled children. The True Colours Trust has provided substantial core support for Sibs since 2005 which has enabled the organisation to expand and develop its work across the UK.

Sibs supports people who have a disabled brother or sister. It recognises that siblings are a hidden group who have support needs of their own. Sibs’ aim is to improve siblings’ wellbeing by providing information and support for siblings, educating parents and professionals to support siblings, influencing service provision, and raising public awareness of sibling issues.

With funding from the True Colours Trust, Sibs has been able to:

  • give direct support to young siblings through its YoungSibs service
  • provide training and awareness raising for parents and professionals
  • influence policy both at a national and local level

Quotes from some young sibling users best summarise Sibs’ work:

“I have used it as a place where I can get rid of my feelings”

“It really helped me to realise that I wasn’t the only one suffering from sibling problems”

“My parents don’t like to talk with me about my sister so instead I can find out about her condition on young sibs”

“It has been a hard year but it has got sooooo much better because of this website, thank you!! I don’t know how to thank you! This website has changed my LIFE!!”

Further information on Sibs can be found here.