Graphic: On Road Media - How to talk about children's palliative care

The Children’s Palliative Care Project with On Road Media

We’re delighted to be working with On Road Media on a long-term piece of work to improve public perceptions and media reporting about children’s palliative care. This project works directly with families who have experienced children’s palliative care and with professionals working in this space. 

On Road Media is a communications charity which specialises in helping people and the media to create world-changing content. It brings together people with lived experience, campaigners, journalists and broadcasters to have conversations which can change hearts and minds. 

In 2020, On Road commissioned Truth to undertake a piece of market research, working with a mixed demographic to look at existing public perceptions around children’s palliative care and to explore narratives that can promote better understanding. You can read Truth’s research here.

True Colours and On Road have developed a practical Communications Toolkit which provides guidance on how to talk about children’s palliative care. The Toolkit combines learning from the research with best practice approaches to changing perceptions. 

We are also pleased to share a film of a pre-recorded workshop from On Road Media which gives more guidance on how to talk about children’s palliative care, and the background to the project.

Throughout this work we have been advised and supported by an expert panel of professionals and parents. You can read a letter of endorsement from the Expert Advisory Group here.

This work aims to help people show how children’s palliative care is at its best, raising awareness of what good palliative care looks like, improving communication, and ultimately resulting in better experiences for children and families.