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Guidelines, Application Form & Deadlines

True Colours is keen that Breathing Spaces creates more than just physical spaces. From our discussions with parents we know that well-designed and well-equipped parent/carer rooms can significantly improve a family’s stay in hospital, facilitate peer support and also provide space for quiet reflection and respite.

Our Guidelines have been developed in consultation with parents, hospital charities and clinicians. They provide comprehensive information and useful ‘hints and tips’ to help make parent/care rooms as inviting as possible. All hospital charities will have to confirm that they have read and understood the guidelines when they submit an application.


The advisory panel have agreed that applicants may request up to £1,500 in advance towards the costs of designing a parent/carer room in line with the Breathing Spaces guidelines, this sum will be deducted from the total £20,000 grant available.  Any changes to parent/carer rooms funded by Breathing Spaces must be sustained and maintained for a minimum of five years and 10% of each grant should be ring-fenced for annual maintenance costs.

Successful applicants with well-maintained rooms will be eligible to apply for a further one-off grant of £2,500 to update the room at the end of the five-year period.

Download the Guidelines


Applications should be made by completing the downloadable application form and returning to us by post or email.

Applications will be reviewed quarterly.

Eighth and final round – deadline for applications is Friday 7 February 2020. 

Applications will be acknowledged upon receipt and will be notified of funding decisions by Monday 16 March 2020.