Research into the experiences of parents and carers

True Colours is thrilled to be supporting an important piece of research designed to better understand the experiences of parents and carers whose child has died, specifically regarding their interaction and communication with professionals such as funeral directors and registrars in the days and weeks after their child’s death.

Researchers at the University of Birmingham and Coventry University hope that, by understanding more about parents’ and carers’ experiences following the death of their child, it will be possible to improve the services provided by professionals who come into contact with bereaved families.

Parents and carers will be invited to take part in an informal conversation with a researcher to speak about their experiences. The researchers will use these interviews to gain deeper insights into parents’ and carers’ experiences with professionals and to inform better care and communication. We hope that the research will result in the production of training materials and other resources to help professionals improve their communication and interaction with bereaved families.

If you would like more information about the work we are doing on bereavement, or this research study, please click here.

Other work on bereavement

True Colours is also proud to continue its support for the Childhood Bereavement Network, the hub for those working with bereaved children, young people and families across the UK. In 2019, we were delighted to be involved in the development of a new programme for schools, Growing in Grief Awareness. This is a free resource which helps schools to improve their promotion of well-being among bereaved students, and to develop the curriculum to prepare children to deal with bereavement.

Also in 2019, True Colours made a grant to Winston’s Wish, towards a new resources on bereavement for schools. These resources will complement the new PSHE Curriculum published in 2019 and will offer free lesson plans and materials as well as guidance for schools on how to manage when a community is affected by a bereavement.