Photo: Children drawing courtesy of Sibs

Children on a swing - Photo used with permission from Brighton Pebbles

Who We Are


Lucy Sainsbury
Tim Price
Dominic Flynn
David Wood


Catherine Gathercole – Trust Executive
Catherine is responsible for the overall management of the Trust, including grant-making, governance and finance. She manages a diverse portfolio of the Trust’s programmes in both the UK and Africa, as well as the Breathing Spaces programme and the UK and Africa Small Grants programmes. 

Jo Ecclestone Ford – Trust Advisor
Jo is responsible for a number of True Colours’ strategic programmes and acts as an advisor to staff and trustees on the Trust’s strategic programmes in the UK and Africa. 

Vesa Kahramani – Trust Administrator
Vesa looks after the administration of all the Trust’s grants and supports the team, ensuring the smooth running of True Colours.


The Trustees are advised by Dame Christine Lenehan, Dr Linda Maynard and Lisa Spinks on their work.

Diversity, Equity and Inclusion

We believe that our funding has a role in addressing inequality and supporting a fairer society. We always aim to be responsive and equitable grant-makers. It is important to us that a culture of diversity, equity and inclusion is core to our team of employees, and central to our grant making.

We will continue to work to achieve this goal and are dedicating the time and resources needed to do so. We will continue to talk with and listen closely to those we support as we move forward.