360 Giving


The True Colours Trust is proud to be part of 360 Giving – a partnership that encourages and supports UK grant makers and philanthropists to publish their grant information online in an accessible way.   The new system means information about the Trust’s grant making is publicly available days after the decision has been made, rather than months later in the Trust’s annual report.

360 Giving should be of benefit to funders and charity fund-raisers alike.  It aims to facilitate collaboration between funders as it will allow them to see at a glance which charities other funders are supporting. It will also simplify the research that charity fund-raisers need to do to target their applications effectively. The grant information is published in ‘open’ format which means that computers can read and combine/compare data across many different sources to reveal new information.

360 Giving was originally founded by The Indigo Trust, another of the Sainsbury Family Charitable Trusts, as a way to contribute to the funding debate and is now being run with founding partners Nesta and the Nominet Trust. Nesta currently provides the main point of contact for the project.

The True Colours Trustees hope that 360 Giving will be a useful resource of both grant makers and operational charities, particularly in under-funded areas like palliative care. Further information on 360 Giving can be found here www.threesixtygiving.com

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