Sister sitting next to disabled brother in wheelchair at playground

Little girl on playground

Accessible Playgrounds

Play is vital for the wellbeing of all children but lack of accessible equipment can exclude disabled children from play opportunities. At the True Colours Trust, we believe that all children, and their families, should be able to live their lives to the full and that this includes being able to play with friends and siblings in public spaces. Specialist play provision is hugely important for many families, but it cannot replace other services, such as public playgrounds, which can be accessed by all, at very little or no cost.

For this reason, we are trialling a scheme to help local authorities increase the amount of accessible play equipment available to children in their public playgrounds. Accessible equipment comes in many forms and allows disabled children to spend time playing with their siblings and friends.

We would like to hear from councils which have a passion for improving their play provision for disabled children. If your council would be interested in learning more about this programme, please contact us at